CONSCIOUSNESS – ANIMA MUNDI 2024  dal 10/05/2024 al 24/05/2024

Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Cannaregio, F.TA SAN ANDREA 4118, 30121 Venezia VE Venezia (VE)

CONSCIOUSNESS #8211; ANIMA MUNDI 2024 ITSLIQUID Group, in collaboration with ACIT Venice - Italian-German Cultural Association, is pleased to announce the opening of CONSCIOUSNESS, second appointment of ANIMA MUNDI 2024, which will take place in Venice, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello from May 10 to May 24, 2024, during the 60th Venice Biennale of Art.
ANIMA MUNDI is the invisible energy behind all the natural and artificial elements that allow the planet to live. Thanks to the hidden connections of ANIMA MUNDI, all the ecosystems of the Earth, before and after the appearance of mankind, found their equilibrium, their ways to live and to develop themselves, to transform and to evolve. All the beings of the planet, plants, minerals, and animals are permeated by a secret force that has always stimulated human thought and research.
The festival aims to discover these multiple forms of hidden connections between the soul and the body, mankind and the natural elements, the natural spaces and the cities. We invite artists to show their reflections about the various ways in which the ANIMA MUNDI expresses the relationships among all the existing entities and the natural and cultural systems and to represent by their artistic works the processes of the evolution of the world in which we all live. Artists, designers and architects are invited to talk about ANIMA MUNDI through photo reportage of cities, hidden places, photographic documentaries, personal experiences, presenting their works of photography, painting,
sculpture/installation, design and architecture, video art and live performance.
CONSCIOUSNESS, second appointment of the ANIMA MUNDI festival, seeks to explore and celebrate these hidden connections through various artistic mediums, inviting artists, designers, and architects to contribute their unique perspectives. In the field of painting, with the vibrant strokes of Taran Mathur's canvas, art finds its joyful hymn: in Taran's world, each brushstroke is a celebration, each color a symphony of life. Through his works, he invites viewers to partake in the ineffable beauty of the human experience, reminding us that art truly sets us free in the tapestry of existence. Sharing the same energy, Iris Arnaud's paintings reveal a symphony of color like an ode to the eternal cycle of growth and transformation. From the depths of darkness emerges an explosion of hues, each stroke pulsating with the vitality of springtime renewal, the canvas becomes a visual crescendo, bathing the upper reaches in radiant light, symbolizing hope and joy. Video artworks undeniably takes center stage through the mesmerizing works of the artists: among them, Sonja Doberauer's artistic exploration transcends the boundaries of traditional mediums, delving into the dynamic interplay of video and sound to mirror the undulating rhythms of the cosmos.
Through her work, she captures the non-directional yet rhythmic movement of our universe, a dance synchronized with the Earth's orbit around the sun, shifting from circular to elliptical trajectories, inviting into a profound contemplation of the essence of existence, to listen to the whispers of the universe encoded in the symphonies of light and sound.
Hailing from China, Yang Sun, Mofei Wei, HaHa Qu and Zuho chose the same tool to explore the theme of the exhibition: their work "Poet" stands as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of Chinese poet Yu Xiuhua, whose raw and intimate verses have captivated hearts across the nation, embodying courage, resilience, and an unwavering dedication to life.
Personal experiences serve as powerful narratives, allowing artists to share their intimate connections with the ANIMA MUNDI concept, like in Minami Ivory's investigation. Through a deeply personal exploration of the emotional and physical trials endured during clinical IVF treatment, she invites observers into the stark and sterile world of fertility procedures, where embryos are counted, graded, and frozen like specimens in a laboratory. In each artwork, Minami lays bare the profound pain and uncertainty of her experience, confronting the viewer with questions of identity, agency, and the implications of fertility treatments. Monika Trypuz, a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Poland, embodies a fusion of diverse influences spanning from graphic arts to mathematics. Her artistic poetry intertwines with reflections on the value of the present moment. In her exploration, she delves into the essence of being, urging viewers to embrace the here and now: the artist crafts a visual language that transcends cultural and religious boundaries, weaving a tapestry of mutual understanding, reminding us that in the fleeting moments of now, lies the key to living fully and embracing the interconnectedness of humanity.
The splendid Palazzo Albrizzi Capello itself echoes the theme of the exhibition, reflecting the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and the environment, such as in Anna Alfanana's research, which emerges amidst the ancient walls of Orthodox Christian monasteries. Rooted in her heritage, Anna's abstract paintings serve as windows into the depths of her soul: through vibrant hues and dynamic brushstrokes, Anna captures the essence of human connection, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and enlightenment. Also Letterio Scopelliti found his inspiration in the connection with the surroundings: the streets of Florence, where he now resides, have become a muse for the artist. In his photographic odyssey, Letterio delves into the depths of consciousness, capturing the harmonious dance of colors that define our world; his lens, becoming a conduit, translates the essence of nature into a symphony that resonates with the soul.
With a flair for vibrant hues, dynamic compositions, and bold brushstrokes, JaSki Watkins work stands as a testament to the charm of art: drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of the human experience, JaSki's creations pulse with life, weaving together primitive symbols and modern sensibilities into visually striking and emotionally resonant
Through his intuitive creative process, he invites viewers on a journey of exploration and discovery, where every canvas becomes a portal to boundless imagination, forging connections that inspire, provoke, and transform. The profound curiosity about our subjective experience of nature is explored by Johan Jansen's artistic vision too, who delves into the depths of perception.
Embarking on a journey across Europe, Johan immerses himself in the diverse tapestry of landscapes, the symbiotic relationship between exploration and creation, inviting observers to contemplate the transformative power of narrative. Through subtle shifts in perspective, he reshapes reality to glimpse beyond the surface and into the soul of his subjects: each brushstroke is a testament to Johan's quest for deeper understanding, where the lines between reality and imagination blur into a tapestry of infinite possibility.

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