Reflective Reality

Marco Abbamondi  dal 03/06/2008 al 24/06/2008

  New York - USA (NY)

Reflective Reality
Marco Abbamondi’s paintings are comprised of contrasts; the disparities between light and dark, curves and rectilinear forms, representation and abstraction define his style. Growing up in Naples, Italy, Abbamondi sites the elements of fire and water as two of his main sources of inspiration. The dominating presence of Mount Vesuvius and the calming quality of the surrounding water are present in the themes of several Abbamondi paintings.

These works are unique because they combine Abbamondi’s personal style with the very rich Italian culture. The artist includes not only elements of Italy’s physical landscape but also its most important public figures. Through his simplified shapes, he shows the essentials of his subjects in a way that encourages his viewers to think about the paintings. Another unique quality of these works is their three dimensionality; details in the paintings reach out of the canvases, giving them a characteristic sense of sculpture. Marco Abbamondi currently resides in Naples, Italy. His artworks have been exhibited throughout Europe.

Agora Gallery
530 West 25th Street, Chelsea New York
Tel 212-226-4151 / Fax 212-966-4380

Reception: Thursday, June 05, 2008, 6-8 pm
Exhibition Dates: June 3, 2008 - June 24, 2008
Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11-6

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